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Residents/Family Info
You are welcome to write a check and mail to us at PO Box 2025 Bothell, WA 98041 or you can use the convenience of paying here by Credit Card. There is a 3% handling fee for this service. Payment will show up on your next statement in the amount we receive minus the handling fee.
IMPORTANT: Resident Pre Paid Punch Card -Enter Name and Community in white space. Then click Pay Now.
Welcome to our page for residents and family members Welcome to our page for residents and family members


When you move in to one of our communities you will receive a move in packet. This includes our Welcome to Senior Salons Letter, Resident Request Form and Price List.  


The Resident Request Form is a great way for you to let us know about the services and frequency you require for you or your family member. It provides a list of all the services we offer as well as a place for you to enter your contact info in the event we need to reach you.



 Salon Pre-Paid Punchcard Account Information


In addition to check, we offer a salon punchcard account.  We have found that the punchcard system is a great way to handle your salon finances, as you don't need to carry funds with you. This is not something you need to carry with you or keep track of, its how we enter into our system at the end of each day. You may prepay for this in the salon, leave a check at the front desk or mail it with your  Resident Request Form to our office:  PO Box 2025, Bothell, WA 98041. 


We keep track of all charges to the punchcard account via our secure website so we can track all services and charge them against the account. When it is full, we will send an easy to read statement to you or your POA with a summary of your charges to review. 


Making and Keeping Appointments


In most of our communities, we leave the appointment book at the front desk when the salon is closed.  This is very convienient when you need to make or change your appointment time.  While many of our residents have a standing weekly appointment, and we do our best to stay on time, things do come up, so we do reserve the right to make a change if needed and will notify those involved as soon as possible. We also understand when our residents forget or need to make a change and we do not charge a cancellation or no show fee unless there is a continuous repeated situation.



Gratuities / Tipping


We do accept and appreciate gratuities, and prefer this to be in writing and follow the amount indicated on the Resident Request Form.   


Gift Certificates


We offer gift certificates at each of our salons.  They can be purchased in any amount and for any service.  We are also happy to gift wrap and deliver your gift certificate to the door of any resident.  Most of the front desk staff in any community are happy to provide you with this gift certificate for any last minute occasion. If you need help with this, please contact Barbara at 206 679 8339.