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Senior Salons hires experienced and professional stylists to work in our upscale senior communities. 

We offer flexible work schedules and incentive-based compensation.  

We provide immediate clientele at multiple locations throughout Western Washington and opportunities to accommodate outside clients.

All staff of Senior Salons fill out a background check and must have a current T.B. test on file within the last two years, if requested by the community. You must have a current Washington State Cosmetology or Barber license. We also have positions for Nail Tech and Skin Care.

Employee Links:

Your Rights as a Worker

Notice to Employees - If a job Injury occurs

Job Safety and Health Law

How to Apply

Experience with seniors is recommended to accomodate our clientele. We will provide training to those individuals hired without experience. We also offer a  Salon Dementia Training. 

If you feel you are qualified to work in our unique salon atmosphere, please contact us at or fax your resume with a cover letter to: 425 485-6669.

To fill out a salon application today Scroll down and print page 2 to fill out our "Salon Application"

You can also copy and paste our Application into a Word Document or the body of an email. This can be easily scanned and emailed, or faxed to us.  You are also welcome to send it thru regular USPS.  All our contact info. is on the " Contact Us " tab.  

If you look like a good fit with us, we will contact you and do a short phone interview, then schedule an in person interview.  Good Luck and we hope to hear from you.









First Name:______________________Middle Name:__________________


Last Name:___________________________


Address:__________________________City____________ Zip_________


Home Phone:__________________Cell Phone:_________________




Date of Birth:________       Social Security Number:________________


Emergency Contact #1:___________________ phone____________

Emergency Contact #2:___________________ phone____________


Work History:____________________________________________

Services I provide _______Hair______Nails______Skin care

                                        (please check all that apply)

Why would you like to work with us?_________________________________________________________________

Days available to work:________________________________


Locations Interested or willing to travel to____________________



**Background screening and T.B. Test required for employment. 

**Have you ever been convicted of a crime?  Yes     No

By signing below I understand that a Washington State criminal history and background check will be administered. 


Applicant Signature                                                  Date


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Senior Salons P O Box 2025 , Bothell, WA 98041

Phone: (206) 679-8339  Fax: (425) 485-6669   email: